Friday, April 7, 2017

TechReviewPro Scholarship

Deadline: June 30th and September 30th of 2017

Award Amount: $1000

You are required to write an essay within 1000-1200 words about one of the following subjects:

  • How Technology Helps Mankind in their Day to Day Life?
  • How has VR Affected Gaming and Consumer Behaviour Globally?
  • How has the Rise of Social Media and Technology Affected Modern Day Terrorism?
  • How has Mobile Technology Changed the World?
  • How has Tech Changed Celebrity Culture?
  • How has Technology Affected Media Globally?
  • How has Digital Media Affected Publishing Globally?
  • How has Consumer Behaviour Affected Advances in Technology on Global Scale?
  • How has Crowdfunding Affected the Tech Industry Globally?
  • How has the Future of Tech Affected Your Industry on Global Scale?

This scholarship will be awarded to the best candidate. Your financial needs, academic standing and community participation will also be taken into consideration.

Website: Apply here