Friday, July 14, 2017

Affiliate Ignition Scholarship

Deadline: December 20th, 2017

Award Amount: $500

If you are interested in joining the scholarship, you will need to check your eligibility. You should be knowledgeable about any of the areas that are found on the website, having two or more expertise can be a huge advantage as you can write information about more than one topic. Being passionate about you do and having practiced what you have preached are also good additions to your portfolio.
It is also important that you are familiar with computer technology and how you can use new equipment, you have to be flexible and willing to learn quickly. You may need to layout your work a bit or even edit it when you are required to upload a video about what you have researched.
More criteria used for consideration:
  • Skill of writing
  • Ability to reach deadlines
  • Have a creative mind
After writing your story you can send it through and don’t forget to include important details such as your complete name, address and phone number, the name of your school/college and any proof to show that you are a current student attending the university or college you claim to be in.

Website: Apply here