Tuesday, August 8, 2017

$1000 Pokethrift Writing Scholarship

Deadline: February 10th, 2018

Award Amount: $1,000

If you’re up for a challenge, sharpen your pen and write a 1,500-word essay explaining how video games can help students develop cognitive skills. Some of the opportunities for your essay focus are:
  • The benefits of video games for focus and motivation
  • Video games as learning media (discuss history games, for example, and how they help you learn historical facts)
  • The social aspect of video games (collaborative, multi-player games)

Once you’ve written your essay, submit it to scholarship@pokethrift.com in PDF or Google Doc format. We’ll only accept applications with subject title “Video Games Scholarship”. Besides the essay file, your email should have your personal information (name, phone, email, address) and some sort of proof that you’re currently attending college.

Website: Apply here